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Ivar is found by Prince Oleg's men. 

Russ is murdered after telling him that Ivar is a God. 

Ivar finally comes clean to the Prince and they both realize that they have a common enemy: Kattegat. 

Back in Kattegat, Bjorn is ecstatic about winning the war and tells everyone that he wants to make Kattegat at a trading town. 

His issue with previous rulers is that they close the walls up. 

He wants to do things differently. 

After asking his mother to be by his side during it, she tells him that she's decided against being a warrior any longer. 

She wants to move on with her life and return to where she was happy: On a farmstead. 

She recognized that she would be alone, but she wanted everyone to let her go. 

Bjorn reluctantly agreed and everyone helped her find a place to call home, once and for all. 

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Vikings Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Bjorn: We have embarked on a new way of life here. That was always my commitment as King. To build the most successful trading station in all of Scandinavia. But I will need your continued support. I need my family. Mother?
Lagertha: I wish you well in your enterprise my dear son, and I'm sure you will succeed, but in the future, you will have to do it without me.
Bjorn: I don't understand. Why won't you stay?
Lagertha: I have seen enough of war. I have seen enough of death. I have lost so many. I don't want to be a public person anymore. I don't want to be responsible. I desire to live a totally different kind of life.
Bjorn: How can you do that?
Lagertha: I plan to build farmstead. Just like the one Ragnar and I lived in when we were first married. Where we were all so happy.

People of Kattegat. I told you that when I became King, my rule would be very different from that of Ivar's. And I mean to keep that pledge, Ivar built a wall around our town. He discouraged foreigners, outlawed free speech, and descent amongst our own people. Kattegat can only survive and grow prosperous through trade. Not conquest. That is my belief. This is your meeting. Your chance to come to me with whatever you want, and I will listen. I am but your humble servant.