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The Saxons celebrate the Vikings departure from York. However, the Vikings are hiding below ground, and they surface and attack. Heahmund loses his horse and Ivar tells his people to give him his. He's too great a warrior to fight on foot. 

Bishop Heahmund is captured by the Vikings during the battle. 

Bjorn arrives in North Africa and Floki returns home to Kattegat. 

Floki tells Lagertha and Ubbe about the special place he found. He says the Gods have sent him home to find pure spirits to bring them back there. 

Lagertha forbids Floki from taking warriors away when they're anticipating an attack from King Harald. Floki ignores her and begins recruiting people. 

Hvitserk tells Ivar that they should kill Ubbe and Lagertha so that Ivar can be crowned king of Kattegat. Ivar suggests they make an alliance with King Harald. 

Ubbe tells Floki that he and Ivar have fallen out, and he suspects one day they will go to war against each other. 

The North Africans make a human stew for the Vikings. Bjorn learns what happens when Ziyadat is double crossed. 

Ivar and the Vikings leave York and bring Heahmund with them. 

Bjorn and his men find themselves with swords to their necks as a sand storm rolls in. 



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Vikings Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Lagertha: Floki, I never thought I'd see you again. Not in this lifetime, anyway.
Floki: No, it's strange for me too, to be back here in this great hall.

Lagertha: Why did you come back here, Floki?
Floki: Because I felt that it was wrong to keep this amazing place to myself. I want to share it.
Lagertha: With whom?
Floki: With those who believe in the true Gods.