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Alfred recovers from his illness to discover that his brother is dead. He's told that he collapsed and no one knows what caused his death. 

Judith tells Aethelred's wife it's time for her to leave. 

Ivar gives a rousing speech and garners support for his quest to defeat those against him.

Judith tells Alfred the truth about his brother. She admits to poisoning him. Alfred doesn't take it well and is extremely angry.

Ivar considers having Hvitserk killed. Freydis believes that is a mistake. She thinks he should be a merciful god. 

A riot breaks out in the Iceland settlement. Floki is held back while people are killed. 

Ivar suggests that Hvitserk leave Kattegat and go on a mission to reaffirm their alliance for their spring battle. He threatens to kill his girlfriend if he refuses. 

The offenders in Iceland are beheaded. 

Harald doesn't want to sail for fear of storms, but Bjorn doesn't want to wait. Ivar won't be expecting them. Bjorn makes the same arrangement with Harald that he could be king after he dies. 

A new threat is coming to the Saxons. Ubbe tells Alfred to make him the head of his army.

Bjorn tells Harald he intends to marry Gunnhild, but Harald has his own sights on her. 

Bjorn tells Gunnhild he loves her, and she chooses to be with him. 

Aud throws herself off a cliff, much to Floki's despair. 

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Vikings Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

I poisoned him. I killed one of my sons to save the other. May God forgive me.


Ivar: If I can order the death of my own brother, then no one else will dare stand against me.
Freydis: I think that would be a mistake.
Ivar: Why?
Freydis: Ivar, you are a god, and a merciful god will always be more popular among the common people than a vengeful god, like Odin. Wouldn't you rather be loved than feared?
Ivar: I don't know.