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Ivar swears to his brothers that he never meant to kill Sigurd and he is truly sorry. 

Bjorn plans to return to the Mediterranean. 

Ivar finds Floki building himself a one man boat. He begs him not to go, but Floki needs to leave. 

Bishop Heamund learns that King Ecbert renounced his crown to his son, Aethelwulf, and the grant of land to the Vikings is worthless.

Alfred is very sick, and Aethelwulf is distraught. 

The brothers all say goodbye to Floki as he departs on his journey. 

Ivar and Ubbe disagree on their next step with the army. Ivar wants to establish themselves in the town of York, near the coast. Hvitserk agrees with him. 

Floki discovers a compass Ivar gave him, and he throws it overboard. 

The brothers take the army and invade York, slaughtering people praying in a church. 


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Vikings Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Ivar: Stay. We need you just as much as my father needed you, but instead you choose to run away, you coward.
Floki: Stand up and say that to my face.

Floki: I have to leave Ivar. With Helga gone, there's nothing left for me here. This world no longer interests me. That's why I must submit myself to the tides, and the winds, and the will of the gods. Come what may.
Ivar: My heart is broken.
Floki: It will repair.