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King Harald returns home to his kingdom and introduces Astrid as a "part of his dream."

Ivar asks a girl to offer herself as a sacrifice. She says she'll do anything he asks. He asks her to take off her clothes and kiss him, and then ends up freeing her. 

Bjorn is advised to send most of his fleet home. 

Aethelwulf shows up with his army, but the Vikings are ready with bows and arrows as well as flaming torches. Ivar joins the battle and is knocked from his horse, but his brother and the army surround him. The Vikings manage to drive the Saxons back. 

Ubbe wants to make peace now that they have defeated them. He wants to negotiate and bring their people there to farm. 

Ivar does not agree with Ubbe. He does not want to negotiate. 

Astrid begins to look comfortable in the seat next to Harald's, but when he kisses her, she punches him in the face. 

Ubbe wakes Hvitserk and they discreetly go to talk to Aethelwulf. He says they want to make peace and claim their land. Alfred thinks they should consider the offer, but Bishop Heahmund attacks Ubbe and Hvitserk in their beds. He lets them go, and Ivar boasts that he was right. He wants to be recognized as the leader of the army. Ubbe does not accept that. 

Ubbe decides to head home and expects Hvitserk to come with him, but instead he stays with Ivar. 







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Vikings Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Ivar: That's him.
Hvitserk: Who?
Ivar: Aethelwulf. King Ecbert's son. Oh and he brought his own sons, like lambs to the slaughter.

The Saxons lost the battle, but they have not yet lost the war. I would beware trying to negotiate with them.