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Vikings Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Lagertha: I supported you in Wessex, now you must support me. Together, we can overthrow this usurper.
Ragnar: Firstly, you came to Wessex of your own volition. Secondly, if there's a civil war many of our own people will die. Is your Earldom really that important to you?
Lagertha: Yes.
Ragnar: Why?
Lagertha: Because it is rightfully mine.
Ragnar: Well, there is never much use in arguing with you Lagertha. We shall go and talk to him.

Aslaug: Rollo, Siggy is dead.
Rollo: How?
Aslaug: Ubbe and Hvitserk fell through the ice into a frozen lake. Siggy saved their lives, but she drowned and we could not find the body.
Rollo: The Gods are mistaken.
Floki: No, the Gods are never mistaken.