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The team is briefed on the mission to drop antibiotics in Somalia. Nora wonders about the dominoes, while Leland tells her they CIA is watching. Evil Somalis abuse the American prisoners, and they worry the Americans will not find them. Jess wants Nora to come with her to sign papers, but she realizes Nora is deploying for Jimmy. 

Leland tells Adam about their mission, and they have a pissing contest. Jimmy speaks in Arabic. Nora checks out her HELO. She remembers her and Leland finding the Davis Goundrey's hideout in Somalia, and they figure out there was a cover up. Nora tells Leland has tracked down Davis's sister. 

Ian is worried about Nora. She says he can't understand. Jimmy asks to pray to a suspicious captor. Jimmy tells his companion that he was raised Muslim. The other American is an Islamaphobe. A single dad asks Jess to dinner for support. The CIA argues with the military over the mission. Ian suggests that the Somali is really interested in getting his brother back. 

Nora is followed as she searches for Davis's sister. She loses them. She goes to the diner to meet Davis's sister, and her diner has the same coaster Nora saw in Somalia. She thinks Davis is dead and is resentful. Nora leaves her number. Davis's nephew is curious. 

Jess paints as Nora visits. Jess wants to see the cute single dad and feels guilty. Nora goes to mental health services, remembers more of Somalia. 

Leland parties with the unit and CIA lady shows up. She flirts with Ian, tells him the prisoner swap might be on. Adam says something sexist to Nora. Nora leaves with Ian and Leland looks sad. CIA Lady sleeps with the other female Shadow Raider, Zoe Cho. Leland sleeps with admin assistant girl. 

Team on the mission. Nora takes pills. Action sequence in which the team drops medicine in Somalia. CIA Lady is smart. Nora flashes back to Somalia, Leland helps her. Nora takes pills and a battle ensues. Nora kills someone. Leland asks her about in on the way home. They talk. Jimmy's companion is suspicious about their mission. Jimmy's son misses him. Jess decides not to go to single dad's house. Nora and Ian reunite. Leland facetimes him mom. Davis's sister calls Nora and she says she was questioned about others. She says Davis was haunted wants to know if he was a traitor. Nora worries to Leland that they let a terrorist go free. 


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Valor Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I keep thinking about the dominoes.


Things have to be different. We’re home now, and they’re watching us. You know that.