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Reagan is filled with the joy of Christmas on Up All Night this week, while Chris tangles with the uglier side of the holidays at the shopping mall. Read about the special visitor they had in our review. One hint: she wasn't driving a sled full of toys.
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This week on Up All Night, Reagan spends a week at home while Chris gets a taste of the corporate Kool-Aid again. Read more about Reagan's week off in our review.
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On this week's Up All Night, Reagan struggles to fire guest star Molly Shannon while Chris can't seem to hire anyone to babysit Amy. Read about how they ended up solving each other's problem in our review.
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Blythe Danner and Richard Schif guest star this week on Up All Night as Reagan's parents come to town for a visit. Did Reagan's mom know best or was there some family drama? Find out in our review.
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Up All Night Quotes

Who knows, maybe I'll get the old Nordic Track out.


Reagan: Stop saying baby in there, like there's a baby hiding in the closet with a knife or something.
Chris: Why are we whispering?