It's a Hoedown! - UnREAL
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Rachel gets Chet's ex-wife, Cynthia, to bring their son to the set in order to show Quinn that having a baby is a mistake. Rachel brings back Faith, a Season 1 contestant who discovers that she is gay, as a therapist -- but Faith still thinks Rachel is on her side.

In the first challenge, the women throw eggs at each other in response to Graham's questions, leaving Maya humiliated. Candy finally stands up and yells about how the women are being victimized, leading to her throwing eggs at all the men and for Graham to eliminate her. Tommy finds out Rachel is back with August, but they still flirt.

With Faith's help, Maya tells the women about Roger but Rachel sends Roger into the room, leading to the women siding with Roger. Rachel is angry that Maya couldn't get her moment and tries to remedy the situation.

Chet finds out Rachel brought Cynthia to the set and blackmails her into testifying for him in order to get partial custody of his son, Chet Jr. Quinn is extremely frustrated with Chet Jr., as Rachel hoped.

Jay tells faith to take Maya away from Everlasting's toxic environment, but Rachel interrupts and reveals she was playing Faith the whole time. After Maya tries to leave, Rachel tells Maya that she needs to stay in order to avoid looking like a coward.

Quinn pays the pregnant wife of a crew member, Dan, to appear on the show to cause a scene at the next group event, a carnival, in order to drum up ratings. At the carnival, Rachel tells Roger that Noelle is into him and vice versa to get them into a room together. Rachel manipulates the systems so that there is both video and sound in Roger and Noelle's room. Maya, concerned about Noelle's drunken state, follows tentatively. Noelle passes out in the room and Roger is about to have sex with her. Rachel watches gleefully while Jay and Quinn demand that she intervene, when Maya rushes in and stabs him multiple times, including his genitals.

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UnREAL Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Thank you so much for your time. Please get an Everlasting water bottle from Graham on your way out.


Quinn: This was our whole episode, your whole season. We have been building to this since day one, so what the hell happened, Rachel?
Rachel: You think I don't know that? I busted my ass for this moment and I am not gonna let some weak, damaged pussy take it away from me, okay? This is my moment! This is mine!