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Madison walks into Quinn's office to let her know that her father has passed away. Outside, Rachel quizzes Madison and about it all.

Rachel goes in and Quinn confronts her about going to Brad. Rachel tries to spin it, but Quinn calls her out on her lies. Rachel declares war on Quinn. 

She then goes to see Darius, who is suffering from an injury he concealed from production. Romeo tries to talk him into leaving the show, but Rachel sways Darius back to her way of thinking. 

Romeo informs Rachel that Darius will be leaving the show that day. 

Rachel scrambles to find a way to keep him in the game, but she battles with Romeo at every turn. 

Chet and Quinn join forces to make Rachel and Coleman look silly and to get the show back. 

Quinn makes a huge plan to make Darius look ill and get sent away to the emergency room, but Rachel has the last laugh and uses medicine to get him back on the show. 

Chet opens up to Quinn about how much of a great team they make, but Chet is arrested shortly after for kidnapping his son. 

Ruby goes to see Darius in secret and they start to have sex, but they have no idea that the cameras are there. 

Quinn cuts Rachel off. 


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UnREAL Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Rachel: Chet, why is there a baby here?
Chet: Bring your baby to work day.

Who Are you? What would Hillary say, Rachel?