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Chet and Quinn decide to run their own versions of Everlasting after another battle. 

Rachel took matters into her own hands and went to Brad to let him know what's been going on on the set. 

Brad then showed up on set the next day and Rachel expected to get a promotion, but instead, someone else showed up to take over the show. 

This lead to an argument between Quinn, Chet and Brad, but Coleman made his feelings known to Rachel. 

He made it clear that he was fighting her corner and understood what she did. 

Rachel was shocked about the whole thing, but was brought round by Coleman. 

Things on the set of Everlasting took an interesting turn when Beth Ann was manipulated by Rachel into wearing a bikini that had a racist flag on it. 

This sent shock waves through the set as the other ladies called the blatant racism attempt. 

Darius was forced to cut some of the ladies as the show progressed and Beth Ann was surprised to be one of them after the waves she caused. 

Rachel's mother sent her a care package that had medication, but Rachel battled with whether to take them, or leave them.



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