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Underground Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Nok Aaut

Underground Review: Nok Aaut

On Underground Season 2 Episode 4, Cato has captured Noah and finally lets him know why. Elizabeth is intrigued by the radical abolitionist faction. Read on for more!
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Underground Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Ache

Underground Review: Ache

On Underground Season 2 Episode 3, Rosalee fights for her life while on the run from Patty. Ernestine's downward spiral takes a turn for the worse. Read on!
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Underground Quotes

Slave Catcher: We got three runaways. You wanna pay us for one?
Rosalee: You ain't got nothing yet.

Slave Catcher: [to Rosalee] Make another move, and I'll shoot your head clean off.
Harriet: I could say the same. My arms are mighty tired, and I aim to end this quick.