Undercovers Season 1


Hoyt takes a bullet this week. Shaw, meanwhile, wonders when the Blooms will grow suspicious of him; and those two deal with a plane that has gone off the radar.


It's off to Lima this week. The Blooms are sent there because an assassination plot has been orchestrated and must be stopped.


It's off to Tuscany for Steven and Samantha this week, as they are tasked with capturing both Xerxes and a painting in which he has concealed a formula for a biological weapon.

"Not Without My Daughter"

Steven and Samantha do battle with a rival spy this week. The mission revolves around a North Korean physicist.


Steven and Samantha head to Ireland and, then to England, this week. They are on a mission to locate an important CIA hard drive, that has gone missing.


An informant says he has information about a device that would compromise the identities of all CIA agents. You can imagine why this is a problem for the Blooms.


This is the second episode of Undercovers. Find out what mission is the focus of "Instructions" via this detailed episode guide.


We meet a seemingly happy, regular couple on the series premiere of Undercovers. But we soon learn they are retired spies pulled back into the game.

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