Ugly Betty Season 4

"Hello Goodbye"

It's sad but true: "Hello Goodbye" is the series finale of Ugly Betty. Read on for a detailed recap of events from it.

"The Past Presents the Future"

In "The Past Presents the Future", Hilda's wedding day fast approaches and it looks like Betty has one more plus one than expected. Bryan Batt guest stars on the episode. Read our recap to find out what happened!

"London Calling"

In "London Calling", Betty is off to London Fashion Week, accompanied by Amanda and Hilda. Meanwhile, Daniel unsuccessfully tries to bond with Tyler. Read our full recap to fin out what happened!

"Million Dollar Smile"

This week's installment is titled "Million Dollar Smile." Betty finally gets her braces off! Read our full recap to find out what happened!

"All the World's a Stage"

In "All the World's a Stage", Betty meets a playwright and wants to do a feature on him for Mode. Justin finally figures out that sparks are flying between him and a certain classmate. Read our recap to find out what happened!

"Fire and Nice"

In "Fire and Nice", Hilda invites Bobby's parents over for dinner, while Betty goes out with an annoying fireman to get their report pushed up on the list. Wilhelmina gets in contact with an old flame who remembers her as Wanda from the block. Read our full recap to see what happened!

"Smokin' Hot"

In "Smokin' Hot", Wilhelmina marginalizes Betty during Fashion Week, but Daniel intervenes. Marc ends up stealing Betty's thunder, while the Suarez house mysteriously catches on fire. Read our full recap to find out what happened!

"Chica and the Man"

In "Chica and the Man", Wilhelmina is livid when she lays eyes on her drag queen impersonator. Betty gets first award for her blog writing - a Blobby and gets into a huge fight with Daniel.

Troy and Marc
"The Passion of the Betty"

Jesse Tyler Ferguso, Christine Ebersole and Matt Newton all guest star on this week's episode. It's titled "The Passion of the Betty." Troy appears to be falling for Marc on this episode. Meanwhile, Betty is concerned that she and Matt are spending too much time together.


Betty plans a karaoke party on this episode. Wilhelmina and Daniel are back at each other's throats - will a couple's counseling session smooth things over? A city-wide blackout hits New York! Read our recap to find out what happens!

"Back In Her Place"

On this week's installment, Betty recalls everything that has made up her worst week ever.Elsewhere, Hilda is treated to a week of luxury by Bobby.


This week's episode is titled "Be-Shure." In it, Ignacio gets ready for a romantic dinner with Jean.

"The Bahamas Triangle"

Ready to take a trip to the Bahamas? That's where Ugly Betty heads this week.

"Level (7) With Me"

Daniel hands over the power to the Community of the Phoenix to run Mode on this episode. It's titled "Level (7) With Me."

"Backseat Betty"

What goes down this on Ugly Betty? Hilda doubts her relationship with Archie, while Marc offers a hand to Justin.

"Plus None"

This hour of Ugly Betty is titled "Plus None." Wilhemina holds a fund raiser during the episode.

"The Wiener, the Bun and the Boob"

Gotta love the name of this Ugly Betty episode. It's "The Wiener, the Bun and the Boob."

"Blue on Blue"

This is the second episode of Ugly Betty's second season. It's titled "Blue on Blue."

"The Butterfly Effect"

This is the two-hour fourth season premiere of Ugly Betty. During it, Betty deals with her new job promotion.

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