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Jude Greer premieres as Walden's ex-wife on the second episode of season nine.

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I dont know how ANYONE can say that they actually enjoy this show ANYMORE!!! Its just not funny anymore AT ALL... for example, this last latest episode my whole family, and I just watched... Horrible! None of us even laughed at all and I really kept hoping for just ONE funny part but to NO avail. TOO BAD! if only they would do the right thing and get "Charlie" back we would all be rolling over and shooting snot.


I watched the 2nd episode of the season hoping it would be better than the premier. Not so. Walden is a horrible unbelievable character with a ridiculous story line. Ashton Kutcher sucks! I would rather watch the rest of the cast with no new character, the supporting cast deserves better. Mr. Lorre should kiss Charlie Sheens butt and get him back on board. I will not be tuning in to Two and a half men until I see Charlie back or Kutcher out. Sorry!


I must say, it took me a while to get used to Sheen's filthy charachter. So far the new 'dirt' in the new show comes off cute...hope they keep it that way.


With all due respect to everyone involved in these last two episodes; they have not been to the standard of the previous 8 seasons. Disappointing!

Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 2 Quotes

When i was in high school, I was dating a poster of Molly Ringwald.


You're young, you're rich, you got a face that gives women an erection.