Laying Siege - Turn: Washington's Spies
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Peggy is ready to give birth. During labor, she figures out it was Abigail who was instrumental in the capture of her beloved Maj. Andre and orders her to leave. Abigail refuses, feels that the baby is breech and helps Peggy deliver a healthy baby boy. Meanwhile, Akinbode stops by and tells Abigail that he will find Cicero and bring him home.

George Washington finally decides to head South to capture Yorktown. But first, Mary passes along a letter to her Tory spy that will lead Gen. Clinton to believe that Washington is headed to York City. Maj. Hewlett remains skeptical of the intel, but he has an agenda of his own: to hunt down Col. Simcoe.

Hewlett finds Simcoe on his deathbed on a ship bound for England. Rather than give him a poisoned apple, Hewlett lets him suffer and walks out of the tent.

After escaping the American Legion, Abe has been held captive on a French ship, and Caleb boards the vessel to vouch for his childhood friend.

Abe jumps right back onto the front lines, this time on the side of the Americans. While running toward Anna during a battle, Abe gets shot in his left shoulder.

During the battle in the bay, the work of Culper Jr. pays off, as the British Navy mixes up their signals because of his misprinted flag books.

The Americans take Yorktown.


Turn: Washington's Spies
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Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Anna [about the faux love letters]: Are you sure they're convincing?
Ben: Convincing enough.

Even though I can't help my own son right now, I'm glad I could help yours.

Abigail [to new mom Peggy]