Old Enemies - Turn: Washington's Spies
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Abe and new BFF Col. Hewlett brainstorm the best way to murder Simcoe without getting caught.

But Abe can’t forget about his original reason for being in New York, which is to capture Gen. Benedict Arnold. He gets an unexpected assist, as Peggy has agreed to help Pvt. Woodhull kidnap her husband.

As Abe plans his separate murder/kidnap plots, Sgt. Champe officially joins the American Legion and he tells Culper it is time to move forward with the plan to kidnap Gen. Arnold. Abe is not happy that this new spy is telling him what to do, but he doesn’t have a choice.

Abe and Maj. Hewlett decide to summon Cpt. Simcoe to Gen. Arnold’s home, where Abe will stab him. However, Simcoe is one step ahead and realizes that he is being set up. Just when Abe is ready to strike, Benedict Arnold bursts into the house with urgent news: the army is moving South to Virginia.

In Washington’s Camp, Mary tells Anna and Maj. Ben Tallmadge about gaining the trust of the spy living outside the camp. Ben asks her to get more information about who she’s reporting to and find out if she is the only spy in camp.

Back in New York, the kidnappers pull up to the wharf, expecting to find Abe, Sgt. Champe waiting with a captured Benedict Arnold. Instead, Maj. Tallmadge watches as the British load up their ships, with Simcoe, Arnold, Abe and Champe on board.


Turn: Washington's Spies
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Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Why does everyone love you?

Pvt. Sturrage (to Abe)

Abe: We'll pick this up tomorrow.
Maj. Hewlett: Should we survive to see it.