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Bashir Hamed arrives at the hospital on his first day and while there's some confusion and adjustments to be made over the man's status as a doctor (he is subject to a certain degree of Islamophobia), the other staff members are welcoming of him on the whole. 

In particular, Theo Hunter (Jim Watson) is friendly towards the doctor. However, Dr. Magalie Leblanc feels her toes are stepped on by the new doctor as he is assigned to go on rounds with her. She's not yet ready to trust him as a partner in treating patients.

An HR employee approaches Dr. Hamed about his transcripts. She says she needs official transcripts from his medical school which concerns him greatly because those might never be released from his war-torn country.

They talk to the father of a patient who is afraid that his daughter will be taken away from him because he had a brush-up with social services. As a result, Hamed and Leblanc need to deal with both social services and the patient and tread a middle ground. Beside manner dictates they give the patient's father the benefit of the doubt while they work diagnose to diagnose the daughter.

Eventually, LeBlanc and Hamed determine that the daughter has food poisoning caused by eating a different diet than her parents. 


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Transplant Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

ER attendant: Sir, you need to get in line
Hamed: I'm not a patient, I'm a doctor

Hamed: You can't be here
Leblanc: If the rebar punctuates the major artery, it could potentially be lethal.
Hamed: Yeah, I know that, you can't just show up and volunteer as a doctor
Leblanc: I'm not
Malone: What the hell do you think you're doing
Bishop: His job