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-Martin fails to make Jake's evaluation when Marisol, young woman hold him hostage on a bus. Marisol plans to shoot the man at the front of the bus because he killed her father and 5 year old brother in El Salvador.

-Martin helps the man escape and learns that although he killed the father, he saved the boy. When Marisol tries to chase them she is hit by a truck.

-At the hospital Martin makes the connection that Marisol's long lost brother was adopted and is living in Canada where he needs a bone marrow transplant for leukemia. Marisol is a match.

-In Canada, an Arab doctor who was searching for the bone marrow match finally runs into the young woman on the train he's been too scared to talk to. They quickly fall in love and he calls off his arranged marriage set up through his parents back home.

-Across the globe, a young Arab girl, Norah dresses like a boy and takes her friend on a joy ride, something that could get them both arrested. They come across a woman on the side of the road in labor and stop to help but their car runs out of fuel. 

-Norah helps deliver the baby and her father arrives to take her back home. He decides to break the contract for the arranged marriage he has made since Norah is so set against it. He is relieved to find out from the young man's family that their son has found his true love in Canada and won't be going through with the marriage.

-Teller tries to convince his daughter, Maggie that he's found a boy with the next numbers in the sequence. She thinks he's ill and tells him he needs a doctor.

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Touch Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

We were finally starting to communicate and now he's changed the language.


Every desire you fulfill has an impact far greater than you can imagine.