Touch Season 1

"The Road Not Taken"

On the second season premiere of Touch, Martin may lose a good friend when he wonders that the man may be part of something illegal.


On the season finale of Touch, with the custody battle looming, Martin searches for common ground with Abigial and a link between Jake and the mysterious Amelia.


On Touch, Martin end up in the middle of a heist as he follows Jake's numbers. Can Martin and Abigail reach a truce about Jake?

"Music of the Spheres"

On Touch, Jake makes a connection with another child who doesn't speak while Martin helps a child being threatened by his probation officer.

"Zone of Exclusion"

On Touch when Martin follows Jake's numbers he helps a Frenchwoman find her biological mother and twin sister while uncovering a dark secret from their past.

"Noosphere Rising"

Martin tries to find Teller's research after he dies and Martin's sister-in-law shows up looking for Jake on Touch.

"Lost and Found"

Martin and Clea work together and uncover a a shocking development involving Clea's mentally-challenged mother on Touch.


A young woman looking to avenge her father's murder threatens to keep Martin from Jake's evaluation on Touch.

"Kite Strings"

When Martin comes across a man who knew his wife at her cemetery and wonders what their connection was on this week's Touch.

"Safety in Numbers"

On the latest Touch, when Martin meets a homeless man with the same affinity for numbers as Jake, will it help him understand his son?


Martin tries to understand how the phone number Jake keeps writing is connected to a pawn shop robbery and the sequence of events that it triggers in the return of Touch.


Kiefer Sutherland returns to TV on Touch, as widower Martin Bohm who discovers that his emotionally challenged, mute son communicates through numbers. Can he make sense of them in time to help shape destiny?

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