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After a family dinner, Tina is moving the last of her belongings out of the Pierson house. Brett and Alex are watching from lounge chairs, only offering to help once she is finished.

She says goodbye and tells Alex not to be a stranger. Alex tells Brett he is thinking about going back to Detroit to teach or work at his family's restaurant. Brett is supportive, telling him that he can't judge what would make someone else happy.

Tina questions Michelle about her trip to Sacramento with David. Michelle is self-conscious about Tina's insinuations regarding their relationship. 

When Tina wakes up early to leave for the trip, Brett barely stirs. 

Alex receives word that he got the role of Vlad in Larry's movie. He leaves for New Orleans that evening. 

Brett wants to celebrate after dropping Sophie off at school, but Sophie has a different plan. She doesn't want to go to school, and tells her dad that she wants to spend the day at the beach with him and her little brother.

Brett asks Alex to join them, but he decides to track down Tina instead. He learns that she is at a hotel in Santa Monica with Larry. 

In Sacramento, David is presenting on the plans for the new charter school. Because he may run for city council, the committee is skeptical of his ability to do both. 

Michelle steps up and says that she will be running the charter school. 

Alex finds Larry and Tina getting a couples massage and asks Larry to step out for a minute so that he can talk to Tina.

He tells Tina that she should come with him to New Orleans, but she says no. Alex reminds her that she doesn't love Larry, but Tina tells him that it's better this way. 

Alex heads to the beach and meets up with Brett, who is having a great beach day with his kids. Brett tells Alex how happy the day has made him, and Alex tells him that he should share this enthusiasm with Michelle.

After dropping Alex off at the airport, Brett finds a babysitter for the kids and takes off for Sacramento.

Meanwhile, after celebratory drinks, Michelle and David are returning to their hotel rooms. David wants to clear the air and talk about the energy he feels with her. While he respects her marriage, he wants to acknowledge their connection. 

The end of the episode finds each character unable to sleep. Brett is en route to Sacramento, Alex is on a plane and the rest of the characters are tossing and turning in bed.

Michelle writes a note to David and slips it under their adjoining door. They exchange a few notes before David appears at her hotel room and kisses her. With Brett on the road to see her, it is unclear whether or not he will catch them in the act, and we will have to wait for Togetherness Season 2 Episode 1 to find out. 

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Togetherness Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Cheers to Michelle, our number one guy!"


I'm not jealous of Larry. I don't want to be Larry. I want to be me, with you.