The General - Timeless Season 2 Episode 9
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Carol tells Nicholas she thinks Emma is sabotaging missions. She takes him to see the grave of his daughter, her mother, to stress the Rittenhouse value of family. Christopher and Connor tell the team about the many Rittenhouse files about Jessica. Christopher wants to move Jessica out of the bunker, but Wyatt tells them Jessica is pregnant, and that he would leave with her. The Mothership has jumped back to South Carolina in 1863, with Rittenhouse trying to stop the Cumbahee River raid led by Harriet Tubman, nicknamed "The General." The team comes across a group of dead Union soldiers, the same ones who were supposed to go on the raid that night. They meet Harriet, who kills a dying soldier. They tell her they are her reinforcements. Jiya tells Connor she wants to meet Stanley Fisher, the time-machine pilot who went mad from his visions. Lucy convinces Wyatt to delay Harriet while she and Flynn ride to get Colonel Montgomery to send reinforcements for the raid. Harriet said she had seen Wyatt and Rufus in a dream. Wyatt and Rufus find Confederate Colonel Ryerson, the Rittenhouse sleeper agent. He spots them and a shootout ensues. Rufus gets Ryerson's Civil War history book and throws it in the fire. Ryerson runs out but Harriet shoots him. Lucy convinced Montgomery to send troops. Rufus and Harriet talk about her visions. Rufus and Jiya agree to find a way to gain better control of her visions. Jiya puts herself into a vision. Jessica is gone when Wyatt wakes up. An armed Jessica kidnaps Jiya and steals the Lifeboat. 

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Timeless Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Rittenhouse is about family, it's about legacy, something Emma will never understand.

Carol [to Nicholas]

You're my grandfather and I have the greatest respect for you, but stop thinking with your crotch.

Carol [to Nicholas]