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Stevenson awakens in Brooke's laboratory where she tries to help him recover from being drugged only to have him try to attack her. 

Wells is trying to navigate the Internet when Jane joins him in the ballroom. Doug and Vanessa arrive with information about Chad, including his full name and address. Doug take Wells and Jane to the apartment to investigate.

Vanessa and Griffin discuss Wells, the time machine, and a fundraiser she is holding for Griffin's campaign that evening at the mansion.

Wells and Jane get Chad's landlady to let them into his apartment. They find Chad's wall of clippings, his files on Wells and Stevenson, and a briefcase satchel with the initials "R.H." containing a note with the emblem from Wells' letter to Vanessa and a set of coordinates.

Once Stevenson is more lucid and compliant, Brooke lets him get dressed and explains what her research is really about. She shares her information on him, including the fact that he fathered a son in Paris who died in 1918, a doctor. She offers to help him get the time machine if he allows her to study his psychopathy in a controlled environment. Her research can introduce new DNA to the brain to reprogram how people think by manipulating brain chemistry. Stevenson questions whether she wants to observe him or change him. He tries to escape after stealing a document about his son but ends up in an observation room with a shirtless berserker who beats on him until Brooke's bodyguard shoots him with a tranquilizer dart. 

With Martin Scott's help, Wells and Jane find out the coordinates on the note from Chad's apartment are for Glen Cove, Long Island and include the date and time - 15 September 1980, 1:42pm. They use the time machine to travel there and then. They arrive in a forest and follow voices to a garden party being hosted by Vanessa's parents. They meet 3-year-old Vanessa as well as gossip, Bethany, and David and Courtney Anders. Bethany reveals that David's company is in financial trouble and the house is actually for sale. Wells and Jane observe David having an intense discussion with a man carrying the satchel they found in Chad's apartment.

While they are in the past, Vanessa and Griffin are chatting with Martin and while Vanessa is distracted, figuring out that Wells and Jane are actually visiting her childhood home, Griffin pockets an access card for the ballroom.

Back in 1980, Wells and Jane find out from Bethany that the man carrying the satchel is Robert Holland who is Chad's father. When David takes Robert to the house, they follow and witness the two men fighting over a set of files for drug research in Project Utopia. David attacks Robert when he tries to leave with the files and kills him. He realizes Jane and Wells saw something and chases them back to into the forest but they escape in the time machine.

Stevenson manages to escape Brooke's laboratory but she had told him where the time machine is so he heads straight to the Anders mansion where he slips in through the service entrance the caterers are using for Vanessa's fundraiser. He knocks out one caterer and steals a knife then goes looking for the time machine. 

When Wells and Jane arrive back in the present, Jane advises that they investigate Project Utopia before they tell Vanessa everything but they do tell her that they met her as a three-year-old. She returns to the fundraiser and greets Brooke at the door who asks to see her brother, Griffin. Once Brooke and Griffin are alone together, they discuss the fact that Stevenson has escaped as well as where and when Wells and Jane went in the time machine that day. Their father was the head of Project Utopia.

In their research, Jane and Wells discover that Robert Holland's murder was covered up. When Jane goes to get her phone to contact a colleague who can help with learning about Project Utopia, she runs into Stevenson as he sneaks around the mansion. She hits him with her purse and raises the alarm. Stevenson stabs a guard and runs off.

When Griffin uses his stolen access card to enter the ballroom, Stevenson attacks him from behind. They fight but Stevenson puts him out and manages to activate the time machine. The time machine returns to the ballroom a second later but it is empty. Stevenson has traveled to Paris, 30 March 1918.

Time After Time
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Time After Time Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Brooke: I was afraid The Ripper would find me boring
Stevenson: Boring? A little romp in the bedroom, syringe to the neck, awaken naked and tied up in a laboratory? Boring is the very least of what you are, my darling.

In my day, passion and desire...they were the true result of yearning for a woman, the longing that fills your head and clouds every thought as you patiently wait for her to walk through the door and say 'Good Morning'

H.G. Wells