Randall runs into a conflict with a staffer when he tries to put his constituents above networking with other members of the City Council on This Is Us Season 4 Episode 3.

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This is Us Season 4 Episode 3 revolves around tough choices and adjusting to new realities.

Randall institutes a policy of taking his door off its hinges so constituents can talk to him about their issues. However, when he prioritizes talking to a guy who walked for 20 minutes to complain about shoddy bus service above drinks with other council members, one of his staffers not only disagrees with his choice but orders his door put back on its hinges. She thinks he should fire his campaign manager and do what politicians do: put each other first, not their constituents.

Meanwhile, 12-year-old Randall also faces a crisis when a teacher writes him up for wearing sneakers on the first day of school, causing him to suffer a panic attack. Kevin helps him out, while in the present Kevin struggles to help a reluctant Nicky stay sober.

Kate goes to a work lunch with Toby and his co-workers, but she is embarrassed when she is too big to fit in the booth the restaurant offers them. Later, she is hurt to see that Toby has been working out without telling her. And it doesn't help that the next door neighbor is determined to start a feud over where Toby is parking his car.

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On This Is Us Season 4 Episode 3, Randall is confronted with a difficult choice, while Kate and Toby adjust to their new home and situation.

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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

The things that happened, you can't go back from. They make you less human.


Dr. Ruiz: Therapy works better if you talk.
Nicky: This is a sad, little room. How's that?