On This Is Us Season 2 Episode 17, we explore Deja's story from birth until she arrives to live with the Pearsons. Will Randall and Beth lend her and Shauna a helping hand?

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On This Is Us Season 2 Episode 17 we take a look at Deja's life story and see how she ended up in the foster care system and eventually, with the Pearson clan. Beth and Randall welcome her and Shauna into their home but will they be able to help?

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On This Is Us Season 2 Episode 17, Randall and Beth Pearson both welcome some visitors in to their home on "This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life."

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This Is Us Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Do you know how many beds I've slept in? I don't. Cause by the year I turned nine I lost count. At least he only hit. We could have stayed in those beds for years. Now, we'll get separated. It's like a storm once it starts Deja, bed after bed after bed. Before, at least we had each other. At least we weren't alone.


Deja: Oh my god, you're still so corny.
Randall: Like I'm on a cob, baby.