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Jack is having a difficult time sleeping. He tells Rebecca he needs a day to himself, so she volunteers to take Kevin to a baseball autograph signing. 

The next morning, Kevin begs his dad to hurry up and get ready for the John Smiley autograph signing. Rebecca informs him that she's going to take him instead, while Jack stays home with Kate and Randall. 

Kate asks Jack to help with her valentines day cards but he tells her she knows what she's doing. He goes outside and Randall follows him and sits with him on the steps in silence. 

Rebecca tells Kevin that they should leave the line and get some lunch but Kevin refuses. She tells him to stay here no matter what while she gets lunch. 

Randall walks in on Jack who is working out in the garage and asks if he's okay. Jack says he's fine and tells him that they are hungry. Jack puts him in charge of ordering the pizza. 

Randall and Kate get excited when they see their dad and try to tell them about the pizza they invented. However, Jack sees the mess they made with sequence and yells at them. 

They hear a noise in the kitchen and see a broken plate. Randall asks Jack what happened but Jack just tells him to get the broom. 

Rebecca returns to the store with lunch and sees Kevin talking to John Smiley and giving him some papers. Rebecca asks Kevin what he said to John Smiley but he says nothing. When Kevin's in the bathroom she asks Smiley what he talked to him about. Smiley tells her Kevin told him all about the places in Minnesota he could play pool. 

Kevin told Smiley he took a travel guide out of the library and did his research because he wants Smiley to be happy. 

Jack apologizes to Randall and Kate for yelling and compliments them on their pizza. Jack starts throwing sequent's at them and they engage in a sequent fight. 

Kevin and Rebecca come home to the sequent fight and end up joining in. 


The Pearson siblings take the gun away from Nicky and Kevin takes him to the hotel with them. Once they get there Nicky tells them he's fine, he just needs sleep. Kevin tells his siblings they need to help him and gets stuck being the one to call Rebecca. 

The next morning, Kate goes to Kevin who has been up all night doing research on a veteran center for Nicky. Nicky meets them for breakfast and brushes Kevin off when he talks about the vet center. Rebecca arrives and surprises them all. 

Rebecca right away notices that Nicky has Jack's eyes. She asks if he knew about them and he tells her Jack showed him a picture once in 1992. He says Jack seemed very happy. He steps out before she can ask anything else. 

Rebecca tells her kids that she remembers that weekend Nicky was referring to. Kevin mentions getting him into the vet center, but Kate and Randall tell him they have to go home and be with their families. Kevin's upset at first but eventually understands. 

In the car, Kate and Randall talk about the weekend Jack went to go see Nicky. All Kate remembers is that they had a sequent fight with Jack that weekend. Randall comes up with the idea to visit their childhood home. 

Kevin, Rebecca, and Nicky arrive at the veteran center, but Nicky isn't interested in staying very long. Kevin leaves Nicky alone and Rebecca follows him. He admits to Rebecca he's mad at Jack and she says she's mad as well. 

The three drive back to the hotel in silence. Kevin asks Nicky if he's okay to stay in the hotel one more day, which he says he is. 

Randall and Kate arrive at their childhood home, but the door is slammed in their face. They go back to the car and Kate reminisces about the sequent fight again. The little girl from the house knocks on their window and asks if they want to see her room. 

Kevin goes to Nicky's trailer and cleans up a little. He calls Zoe and tells him he might be gone longer than he expected. 

Kate and Randall come into the house and Kate tells the girl about the sequent fight. Randall interjects and tells her it wasn't as good of a day as they remember because it was the day of the broken dish. Kate says she doesn't remember that at all. 

Kate tells Randall that he's wrong and the family politely asks if they could leave so they could get going. 

Rebecca sits down with Nicky and admits that she didn't want to meet him at first because it's been a long time since she's been with someone who has memories of Jack she doesn't know. She asks about their childhood. 

He says they didn't have much of a childhood and says the reason Jack told them Nicky was dead because that's what Jack wanted. 

Rebecca tells Nicky that Jack was newly sober before he dad and she thinks that he would've reconnected with Nicky eventually had it not been for his heart attack. She says Nicky can still make amends with Jack because she and Kevin are here. 

Rebecca tells Nicky that while it seems Kevin may have it all, he's still deep down a scared little boy who cares so much and Nicky is one of the people he cares about. 

Nicky says Kevin may see him as family but that's not the way he sees any of them. Rebecca leaves him alone. 

Kate and Randall discuss how her memory of Jack is distorted but Randall assures her every parent has bad days and you just hope to outmeasure the bad with the good, which is exactly what Jack did. 

Nicky rejoins Rebecca and tells her that Jack liked to build things and would always say tongue and groove while building stuff. Nicky says he used to be a person with dreams and goals and he wishes he could go back to being that person but he doesn't think he can. 

Before he leaves he tells her, she was all Jack ever wanted. 

Nicky knocks at Kevin's door and brings him to his trailer. He gets Kevin to put the plasterboard on his roof for him and tells him he doesn't need to worry about his leaky roof anymore. 

He tells Kevin he's going to go to an AA meeting but can't promise more than one. He says he wishes he could be a part of his family but it's just too painful. Kevin understands and says goodbye. 

Randall and Kate arrive home. Beth has to leave to go see her mother who injured her hip. Randall gives his kids presents. Kate tells Toby about her dream home that includes a projector to watch their favorite movies outside. 

On the drive home, Rebecca says she's grateful for what Kevin has done and is proud of him. Kevin flashes back to his time alone at the trailer. He hangs up on Zoe and takes a drink of whiskey. 

This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Kevin: He's getting hammered with a gun next to him at his trailer and I just offered him Pringles.
Randall: Pringles are pretty great.
Kevin: Don't be funny right now.
Randall: I'm not, I really like Pringles.

Kevin is harder to define. I know he seems like he has it all. He's tall, he's handsome and he seems so confident but really underneath all that he's just a sensitive little boy and he's had a really tough year.