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For those of you who have been watching every episode of This Is Us and hanging onto every clue about Jack Pearson's death, this episode was for you 

The series secured the coveted post-Super Bowl lead-out episode on Sunday where they chose to reveal the cause of patriarch Jack's death and make everyone cry out all the Doritos and Cheetos they ate during the game. 

Jack awakens in the middle of the night to the smell of smoke wafting through the air. 

He opens the bedroom door and — BAM — the house is on fire. 

As he alerts everyone in the house, Rebecca informs him that Kevin decided to spend the night at Sophie's. 

The fire is raging through the house, but it doesn't deter Jack from bringing everyone to safety. He scoops up Randall first, the goes to collect Kate shielding them both from the flames with a mattress as they get to the other room. 

When everyone is safely outside, Kate freaks out that Louie is still inside. 

They hear the dog barking and Jack runs back inside as Rebecca screams in fear. 

The flames begin swallowing the house and he's in there for what seems like forever before emerging victorious — pup and family valuables in hand. 

An ambulance arrives at the scene and the EMT tells Jack he should go to the hospital because of the amount of smoke he's inhaled. 

Jack brushes it off, insisting to drop off the kids at Miguel's beforehand. 

At the hospital, the doctor tells him that he hasn't endured any serious injuries, but asks Jack to stick around so they can run a few more test since obviously, he was in the house for quite some time. 

Jack doesn't seem phased; he's more preoccupied with finding out the score of the Super Bowl than anything else. 

However, there's one moment where it seems like he does realize something is off and tries to hide it from his wife. 

The two apologize for not buying the batteries, and Bec leaves the room to go get him some snacks.

The last thing he says to her is "you're standing in front of the TV."

As she's making a few calls to various hotels and to check on the children, she has her back turned and doesn't realize all the commotion, with doctors and nurses running into Jack's room.

When she goes to the snack machine, she hears Jack faintly call out "Bec," but shrugs it off. 

Shortly after, the doctor approaches her to break the bad news: Jack went into cardiac arrest as a result of smoke inhalation. He tells her it's oftentimes called a "widowmaker heart attack."

Rebecca doesn't believe him and the first thing she does is take a bite out of her chocolate bar. 

Then, she runs into the room to tell Jack about the ridiculous things the doctors are saying, hoping he'll joke along with her. Instead, she finds him lying lifelessly on the bed, his chest cut open from the attempted life-saving procedures. 

She stares in disbelief before breaking down slowly. 

As she signs his things out of the hospital, memories of their best moments start replaying in an emotional montage. 

She makes her way to Miguel's house where she breaks the news to him. As he begins to cry, she tells him to take a walk around the block because she has to be strong for the kids. 

She boldly walks into the house to tell Randall and Kate that their father passed. Meanwhile, Kevin is sleeping in a tent with Sophie, completely unaware that his whole life was just uprooted. 

In the present, the Big Three are celebrating Super Bowl LII, yet inevitably, they find themselves reminded of Jack's death on the 20th anniversary of his passing. 

Each of the siblings reacts differently during the harrowing day; Kevin avoids his feelings, Kate wallows, and Randall celebrates his father's favorite day. 

In the midst of Kate watching the tape from her Berkely audition — one of the few things Jack salvaged from the fire — the tape begins making a weird noise. 

When Toby ejects it, her worst fears become a reality: the VCR ate the tape. 

Toby assures her he "knows a guy" and they take the tape to get fixed. 

As they wait, Kate finally opens up about Jack's death. "He died because of me," she tells Toby before explaining why she takes the day to feel guilty. 

Thankfully, Toby's guy is able to restore the tape, even putting a copy of it on the cloud, much to Kate's protest. 

Despite saying she doesn't want it on the cloud, she actually likes it a lot! 

She compares Toby's love and patience to that of Jacks. 

"He would have loved you," she tells her fiancee.

Randall hosts a Super Bowl party for 20 of Tess' friends who "only care about the halftime show" anyway.

During the party, Annie's lizard Mr. McGiggles get loose. Everyone starts to freak out and Beth decides to hide out in the kitchen where, you guessed it, she steps on the lizard. 

The party turns into a funeral for the reptile and Randall's eulogy takes a dark turn. 

Beth cuts in to stop him from getting to emotional and distracts the kids by putting on the puppy bowl. 

Tess marches to her room. Randall follows her up and she reveals that everything — Deja, the new job — makes her feel like he wants a "new life."

Randall assures her that no matter what happens or how many foster kids they get, she's always his #1 girl. 

Tess admits she loves fostering, which brings us to a flash forward way into the future. 

The lady at the foster agency with the little boy Jordan, who we all assumed was going to be the Pearsons' next foster child, is actually adult Tess. 

She tells Jordan she found him a new family and while he's meeting them, an aged Randall walks in for their monthly dinner. 

In the present, the doorbell rings and Deja is standing at the door to talk to Randall and Beth. 

Rebecca tells Kevin that for the Super Bowl, Miguel usually gives her some space so she can make Jack's favorite lasagna and watch it while waiting for Jack to send her a laugh. 

She asks Kevin to join her this year, but he doesn't want to get emotional.

However, he finds that keeping his mind off of it is harder than he thought. 

Kevin ends up at Jack's resting place, his favorite tree, trying to make amends. 

He's the only Pearson who didn't get a chance to say sorry or goodbye.

"I'm sorry, Dad, that I wasn't there that night, and I'm sorry that the last thing I ever said to you was awful," he says out loud. 

He tells his dad about his terrible few decades and even believes Jack would have disappointed in him. 

Saying it out loud lifts a weight off his shoulders, and he promises to make his dad proud from now on.

He calls his mom to thank her for being so strong for them when Jack passed. Embarrassed, she admits that the first thing she did after finding out about the death is take a bite of the candy bar. 

Equally embarrassed, Kevin reveals he's not sure he's sitting by the right tree.

"You see," she says laughing. "This year he sent me you."



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