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This Is Us Season 3 Episode 12 Review: Songbird Road: Part 2

This Is Us Review: Off The Deep End

On This Is Us Season 3 Episode 12, Kevin and Rebecca do what they can to help Nicky, while Kate and Randall visit their childhood home. Read on for the full review!
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21 Most Memorable Twins on TV

21 Most Memorable Twins on TV

Hollywood has a bit of an obsession with twins, but sometimes, seeing double isn't necessarily a bad thing. Take a look at some of our favorite twin duos on TV.
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Randall: Look we all have bad days as parents. I've had some doozies and you will too.
Kate: You've had some doozies?
Randall: It's hard to believe but yeah. Look all you can do is pack the days with as much good stuff as possible and hope it outweighs the bad. You hope that the good stuff sticks. That's what he did for us.

Life feels like Pac-Man sometimes, I guess. It's the same game all over again. Same board. Same ghosts. Sometimes, you get a bunch of cherries but eventually and inevitably, those ghosts catch up with you.