By the Pool - The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 8
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The Pope is reminiscing/praying about Andrew while under the water in the pool.

Lenny is getting a massage/his back worked on. He goes outside to play tennis against the wall. Sister Mary is in her room, crying.

The little girl in front of the Black Madonna statue is Juana Fernandez and 1962-1980. The Blessed Juana.

Lenny is walking with another Cardinal in the gardens talking about Juana who's from Guatemala and her miracles. She used to tell fairytales to children and they would get better. Lenny thinks it's a great story, but doesn't believe it.

He asks the Cardinal about his calling while having flashbacks of times with Andrew. 

Sister Mary is talking to Lenny about his ban on abortion. Then they talk about Andrew's death. He believes he's to blame. She tries to tell him he's not to blame.

Sofia visits Lenny. She pitches him going to Africa to visit the Village of Goodness. He's going to meet his favorite author who wants to meet with him.

He's out in his garden at night, smoking when a group of naked women stand up, spelling out BASTARD. They are the abortion women or the what he imagines they'll look like.

The Pope is meeting with his author, Cohen.

Lenny visits Spencer who asks him if he's going to resign. Lenny tells him no. Spencer tells Lenny he doesn't believe it God, that he thinks Lenny is having a crisis of faith. He's saying it to try to convince him to resign.

Lenny asks Spencer what he can do to restore the church's faith. He tells him to go to Venice to bury two empty coffins.

Lenny walks in the garden and finds the kangaroo dead on the stairs.

The Pope is on the balcony his back turned, he is praying. No one is paying attention. He says next Sunday, he won't be around, he's decided to visit Africa to see Sister Antonia and her Village of Goodness.

Everyone is on a plane, including the press. Sofia tells the press he's not coming out to talk to anyone. She tells Sofia he's praying. One o the journalists tell him she has an important question to ask him. When Sofia goes back in the room, Jennifer yells out her question about Kurt Well and that he is blackmailing the pope. What does Kurt Weller know about you that we don't?

Lenny arrives in Africa. His face is covered so no one can see him. He arrives in the village. Voiello comes out to greet Sister Antonio and takes her phone. No photos with the pope.

Sister Antonia takes Lenny and his entourage on a tour of the village. The biggest problem of the village is not having clean water. 

Lenny is in a confessional, talking about his adventures in California where he touched her leg. Ester left the Vatican without saying goodbye. He feels bad they left the painting he gave them of him holding the baby behind. He feels guilty about thinking about that instead of thinking about Andrew who he blames himself for for his death.

The priest doesn't understand him and can't give him penance. The priest gives Lenny a note calling out Sister Antonia being horrible about the water. Sister Antonia is also gay, apparently.  Lenny sees it when he's giving mass.

Voiello has a crush on Sister Mary, but does she have a crush on him?

There is a meeting and Sister Antonia is yapping nonstop.  Lenny gets up and calls her out. 

Lenny goes outside for a smoke and sees kids licking the glass of the water tank, and the soldiers beat them.

Lenny speaks over the loudspeaker at an event with the leader of the village. He continues not to be seen.

On the plane on the way home, Lenny walks through the press cabin, but they are asleep, except for one guy who does nothing but smile and tells him his speech was beautiful.

He sits with the pilot who tells him they must stop in Naples because of the weather in Rome. On the drive to Rome, Lenny stops to pray in the middle of a gas station parking lot to pray about Sister Antonia. While he's praying Sister Antonia dies.



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