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Deacon interrupts Daniel and Amber at the Crimson Lights and shows them a letter Ryder wrote. He boasts that Ryder does whatever he tells him to do.

Deacon insists that Amber come with him to finish planning the wedding for tomorrow. As Kevin and Ryder hug as "brothers," Jana watches and finds it hard to believe.

When Michael and Lauren arrive, she enlists the lawyer's help to find out the truth about Ryder. Michael upsets Kevin when he refuses to help Ryder, adding that he is going to investigate him first.

Jana returns to the coffee house where Daniel updates her and vows to ruin Ryder and Deacon's plans.

Jeffrey and Gloria work together from a van to guide Victor to place the money in a locker at the bus terminal and then have Jack do the same thing.

They then send Jack to the Abbott cabin and Victor to another place. Finding Patty tied up in the cabin, Colleen sets her free and considers letting her call Jack.

Instead, Patty finds a gun and thanks Colleen for freeing her, forcing her into Colleen's car. Later, as they stop, Colleen gets Patty talking about her cat and Jack.

She gets close to befriending her and almost convinces her to return to town. But when Patty sees Colleen's cellphone is on, she pulls her gun and orders her to get out.

Victor arrives at the cabin followed shortly by Jack who agrees that they were set up. As they discuss the money and Mary Jane, Jack admits he "rigged" the money.

Gloria and Jeffrey are covered with blue ink when they open the both cases and the booby traps explode

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