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Krycek spotting!! 

We're back to the blah blah about the conspiracy of men, a kabal. But questions about their motives remain.

Dana Scully turning into an Alien is a lot of fun. We should all get that gif. Or a Vine. Got it!

Scully gets to Mulder's office only to find he's missing. The last thing on his computer? Tad O'Malley. Who happens to call as she's sitting at Mulder's desk.

Tad has anomalous DNA in his genome. He thinks it's in everyone and since Scully lied to everyone, he should be skeptical of her. At the office, Agent Einstein thinks Scully is a nut. No doubt this is all going to come down to vaccinations. 

And...I'm right. Smallpox. I want to vomit. 

While Scully worries about the vaccinations being mutilated to affect us, Einstein says something needs to be taken away to affect our genome, not just added. Monica Reyes calls Scully.

Before she left the FBI, Reyes met with a terribly burned Cigarette Smoking Man. He was covered in fake skin to keep from dying. He made a deal with her that changed her life. 

CSM had alien technology given to them in the 50s. Dana is appalled that Monica is working for CSM, thinking she's gong to die because of the alien DNA. It's not that simple. The abductions, that's what protects people. He loves Mulder, too, and sent someone to make a deal. He wanted to make one with Monica, but she wouldn't take it. 

Mulder, meanwhile, is at a house being beat up some more. And now holding a gun on CSM. 

CSM just changed the timetable of man's demise. The aliens saw it all mapped out. Somehow CSM started anthrax thingies which lead to everything else. 

Scully is going to create a vaccine to defeat the Spartan Virus put into their systems by way of a virus. Now THAT's the ultimate irony.

CSM takes off his nose to reveal...ewwww. Mulder laughs and it's wonderful.

Scully looks at her DNA. The alien stuff? It's gone. Uh oh. Good News! Einstein realizes they just need a bigger sample since her DNA really IS different. It's a nucleotides thing.

Miller gets to Mulder and takes him away from CSM. Scully creates the alien DNA patch. Puts it on Einstein. Or, no. It's a saline bag. There cannot possibly be enough of them.

Mulder needs stem cells to survive. So, a UFO comes and hovers above her and Mulder on the bridge. Hey William, sup?


The X-Files
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The X-Files Season 10 Episode 6 Quotes

Monica: You think you can play God?
CSG: Oh not God, certainly. They won't know what hit them, that their fates since birth. They were simply puppets.

I didn't set out to destroy the world, Mulder. People did.