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In a flashback to the Sanctuary prior to Ricks' attack, Gregory meets with Negan to discuss how to prevent the HIlltop from joining Rick's revolt against the Saviors. Simon makes the suggestion of killing everyone at the Hilltop should they not comply.

Negan becomes irate at Simon, disagreeing with his suggestion and feeling his lieutenant has forgotten his place.

The episode then switches to the present, with Father Gabriel holed up in the trailer with Negan surrounded by walkers. Negan tackles him to the ground and disarms Gabriel, but then helps him up. Negan engages Gabriel in conversation while he waits for his group to come up with a plan to get them out of there.

Gabriel says he believes he is in his current situation in order to take Negan's confession, to which Negan insists he has nothing to confess.

As Gabriel continues to probe, Negan begins to reveal details about his past about working with children before the apocalypse and that he had a wife.

While Negan is distracted, Gabriel takes his gun back from Negan and fires a shot, but misses and runs into the next room and locking himself in.

Gabriel says that he will come with Negan if he tells Gabriel why is weak. Negan tells him that when his wife turned, he wasn't able to put her down.

Gabriel unlocks the door and tells Negan that his sins are forgiven, to which Negan respons by punching Gabriel in the face for attempting to shoot him.

Negan and Gabriel cover themselves in walker guts and sneak through the horde. While the walkers eventually attack Gabriel and Negan, they are able to make it back to the Sanctuary.

In the Sanctuary's boardroom, Simon and Regina discuss the possibility that Negan may be dead, and who should be calling the shots going forward.

Simon is hell bent on finding out who the mole within the Saviors is but Dwight is able to avoid the discussion. Eugene later visits Dwight in his room to discuss how to get out of their predicament. Eugene picks up one of Dwights chess pieces which has wet paint on them.

Back in the boardroom, the meeting is interrupted by the workers that make their way upstairs due to the Sanctuary being overrun. Simon tells them to get back downstairs and get frustrated when the workers refuse. one of the workers shoots at Simon, but Regina shoots back and kills them. 

Negan appears and restores order as everyone kneels in his presence. Back in the boardroom, they discuss who could have taken the bag of weapons from the armory. Eugene notices red paint on the bag matches the paint on his hand from touching Dwight's chess set. After the meeting, Negan tells Eugene that if he knows something he needs to tell him.

Eugene later checks on Gabriel, but finds that he is sick and realizing that he had been bitten.

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

Gregory: Negan, I don't like killing people any more than you do.
Negan: I like killing people.

We save people.