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Ezekial proclaims that they will lose not one member of their group in the coming battle with the Saviors. Carol mentions that the Saviors may have the numbers, but their group has strategy, which will lead them to victory.

At the compound, Morales holds Rick at gunpoint, telling him that his family ended up being killed after they left Atlanta and that the Saviors found him and took him in. Rick attempts to reason with him but Morales is killed by Daryl, who sneaks up from behind.

They attempt to leave, but they are ambushed by Saviors that show up after Morales had radioed them. A firefight within the compound ensues, with Rick and Daryl being able to get the upper hand and take out the Saviors.

Aaron is able to get an injured Eric to safety, but is forced to leave when Eric insists that Aaron's leadership is needed back at the attack on the compound. Aaron reluctantly leaves Eric with a weapon to defend himself.

Tara, Jesus and Morgan have the captive Saviors tied together, walking them back to the Hilltop on foot. Along the way, they run into a swarm of walkers that attack while some of the Saviors escape. 

Morgan follows them into the woods and kills one of them, but before he can do the same to the rest, Jesus intervenes. Morgan and Jesus fight each other briefly before Morgan ends the scuffle and walks away.

Back at the Hilltop, Gergory arrives along and Maggie reluctantly allows him back into the community after he apologizes for going against his own people.

Jesus and Tara arrive with the Saviors, who Maggie is less than happy about and refuses to let the Saviors within the Hilltop. 

Aaron returns to Eric, but only his weapon is found. A distraught Aaron looks on and sees what he believes to be Eric as a walker, shambling away in the distance.

Alexandria is victorious at their stand against one of the outposts. As they prepare to leave, Rick is shot at by a Savior that is still alive. Rick offers to let him go if he tells them where the weapons are.

After they get the information they need, Daryl executes the Savior much to Rick's surprise.

Rick goes back for the baby that he found at the outpost, whom Aaron offers to take to the Hilltop.

Ezekial, Carol and members of the Kingdom spring a trap on a group of Saviors, While Ezekial claims that he was correct with his team not losing, Saviors that were hidden spring their own trap and open fire, as Ezekial's people rush to cover him from the gunfire.

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

Morales: You can say all the words: Lori, Shane, Andrea, Glenn. They're all dead, and somewhere along the way ... Officer Friendly died right along with them. Just like I did, with them.

They probably have the numbers, but we have strategy.