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On this episode of The Walking Dead…

Daryl, Sasha and Abraham complete their last leg of the walker herd plan.

On their way back, they are ambushed by a group with guns.

Sasha and Abraham crash their vehicle, and Daryl is forced to go another direction.

Sasha and Abraham hole up in an office and wait for Daryl.

Daryl is captured by a threesome. They believe he is a part of some other group and they plan to trade him.

Daryl escapes but after learning that one needs insulin, he returns.

He even helps them escape the bigger group.

One girl is bitten by a walker.

The other two betray Daryl a second time, and they steal his crossbow and motorcycle.

Daryl finds a truck and gets Sasha and Abraham, who has found a rocket launcher.

They hear a voice call out “help” on a walkie.

The Walking Dead
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