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On this week's The Walking Dead…

The group holds a funeral for Dale while Rick hopes to prove that they are not broken.

Hershel allows everyone to move into his home and they all pitch in on fixing the farm.

Carl admits to Shane that he saw the walker that killed Dale.

Rick decides to let Randall go. Unfortunately, Shane decides to take him on his own. At first he pretends to want to join his group and then he snaps his neck. Shane smashes his face into a tree to look like he was attacked.

Shane returns to the farm and explains that Randall escaped. Shane, Rick, Glenn, and Daryl go in search of him.

Glenn and Rick discover Randall turned into a walker without receiving any bites.

Shane prepares to kill Rick, but after a conversation about putting everything back to normal, Rick stabs Shane and kills him.

Carl arrives upset and points his gun at Rick. Shane returns as a walker and Carl shoots him.

Off in the distance a hoard of walkers hears the gunshot and heads in its direction.

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Keep in mind that there are children that are fans of zombies, as a family we look forward to watching the show. However, lately we have had to turn it off, because of unnecessary sexual content and the offensive language. This show is already good please don't ruin it with this garbage. We know other families as well that say the same. Thank you, and we really hope you consider to keep the show cleaner.