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On the fifth episode of The Walking Dead:

- At sunrise, Rick is attempting to contact Morgan through the walkie-talkie.

- Andrea has not left Amy’s side even though she is dead. Rick tries to talk to her but she threatens to shoot him if he interferes.

- The group burns the Walkers. Glenn doesn’t want dead members of the group to be burned.

- The group learns that a zombie bit Jim. They decide they need to go to the Center for Disease Control in order to get him better.

- Dale talks to Andrea about his dead wife in order to get her to leave Amy’s side.

- Ed’s wife uses a pick ax on his head multiple times to make sure he stays dead.

- Amy begins to come back to life, but as a zombie. Andrea shoots her in the head.

- Shane and Rick argue over the blame of the zombie attack. Lori doesn’t fully agree with Rick’s actions and decision to find the CDC.

- Jim starts having hallucinations of zombies before feverish delusions.

- Shane and Rick continue their arguments. Dale catches Shane pointing his gun at Rick.

- Rick speaks on the walkie-talkie hoping that Morgan hears that he and the rest of the group are headed to the CDC.

- Morales and his family decide not to go with the group.

- After the RV breaks down, Jim requests to be left behind.

- Jenner from the CDC records “journal entries.” He is living underground as he attempts to work on curing the disease. He has become restless.

- He accidently gets the best samples destroyed due to decontamination. The affects of being alone make him contemplate suicide.

- The group arrives at the CDC. Flies and bodies are everywhere. It’s beginning to get dark and the group is desperate.

- The door opens and the group stares into the bright lights inside.

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The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Do not enter the city. It belongs to the dead now.


I know how the safety works.