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Amara, Silas and Tessa are all dead! Thank goodness!

On this episode of The Vampire Diaries, Tessa conducted a spell that turned Bonnie into the anchor to The Other Side. This means her friends can see her again, but she can also feel the pain of every supernatural who travels over there.

Stefan, meanwhile, killed Silas, while Amara killed herself and so did Tessa, just so she could reunite with Silas on that Other Side. She really is crazy in love... and/or plain crazy.

Stefan closed the hour by digging Silas' grave, but his memories of being trapped in the safe came flooding back to him and he collapsed.

The Vampire Diaries
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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Elena: We have a situation.
Damon: Of the Doppleganger variety.

Guys, we were both immoral. And now we're not. Hello?!?


The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 7 Music

  Song Artist
The aquatones you You The Aquatones iTunes
The national dont swallow the cap Don't Swallow The Cap The National iTunes
Ejecta afraid of the dark Afraid Of The Dark Ejecta iTunes