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- Elena is in denial about Jeremy's death.

- Damon finds Bonnie and brings her home while Rebekah stays to track Katherine or Silas.

- Shane convinces Bonnie she needs to kill 12 more people.

- Damon convinces Elena to turn off her humanity.

- Elena has a meltdown and burns down the Gilbert house.

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Wow I absolutely LOVE TVD and watch it every week without fail. We have all the DVDs up to date and I love the whole cast
I'm interested to look on here and see other fans opinions on things it's cool. So exciting and suspense always !! Lol :)


why isn't they plot anything about Silas after episode 14 .i have read all the summaries which is available up to episode 20"originals".i really like to who is appearing his role and more about that creepy guy .he seems like more evil than niklaus .and its funny to see klaus runs to save his ass from a guy who is more stronger and evil than him .


this is the second time Jeremy got killed in season 4 in the hands of a supernatural being .episode 6 "we all go little mad sometimes" Elena kills him with a knife .He was a hunter and wearing his eternity ring in that episode .So i hope Tvd makers wont be that stupid to kill Jeremy and end up his role by that way.
i hope all fans agree with me


Omg I'm totally going to go crazy if jermey is gone for good that's going to be so bad for Elena she really going to fall off the deep end then I will hate to see the passed off vengeful Elena


I would hate to see Elena lose the only family she has left. That will scar her for life. I can see her killing herself after that matter.


They can't kill Jeremy, this would ruin the show!!!


I hope jeremy stay alive :((
I love klaus and damon They are greattttt >:D<


i am so happy Katherine's Back ! Finally ! I'm loving it


I'm glad Jeremy is dead I hope they keep him dead so Elena can turn off her humanity and go after Kat


i dont want jeremy to die at any cost......