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Rebekah was back in a big way this week, compelling Stefan, Elena and Caroline to remain in the school library while she searched for answers. And she forced a major one out of Elena: she is truly in love with Stefan. It hurt that Salvatore brother a great deal to hear it verified.

Elena later called Damon and told him the same. His response? Get your sweet ass to the cabin so we can do it!

Meanwhile, at that cabin, Klaus arrived to speed up Jeremy's hunting training. How so? By killing a lot of humans, transitioning them into vampires and telling him to kill them to grow his mark.


Shane admitted to setting up the council death because he wants to raise Silas from the dead. April overheard this and passed it along to the sheriff...

... and also to Bonnie's father, who is the acting Mayor.

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i dnt like dat elena is with damon.. they dont make a couple at all. i prefer stefan any time


Omg Damon & Elana ? So cute. Diiirk sad for Stefan tho cause him n Elena has really been through a lot but I think stelena is getting boring now. Aaaand I really want klaaaus for caroline . Love TVD


Hmmm...not really a DELENA fan for the TVD series (but in real life I AM ^^), still am for STELENA.. All i can say is, its one of the most heartbreaking moment for stefan, so hate Elena for being biatch, would it be possible for her not to choose the two brothers instead?? lol anyways, i love the flow of the movie...so cant wait for the next episode ^^


When is it coming back on itv2 in UK


damon and elena have to be together! there meant for each other!!! stefan and elena were never meant to be together hes such a girl and elena needs a real man like damon!!!!!! i love tvd and am plaing to officaly get married to it in june!!!! soo excited!!! everone on here is invited to my wedding!!!
sooo im love with TVD TVD TVD delana all the wayyyyyy!!!


Can't wait to see how Tyler reacts when he finds out what Klaus did!!! And I love seeing Damon happy when he's with Elena!!


Looks like Stefan is still protecting Elena after everything they have to end up together. Hopefully he is protecting her from Rebekah, I've never liked her.


I hope this means Elaine &Damon will get a shot to really be together.


Stefan and Elena stay together they have been through too much together to give up on each other now.


I love it

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Damon [to Jeremy]: I'm updated our relationship status to: It's Complicated.

April: You asked me to take notes:
Rebekah: I wasn't being literal, darling.