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Three separate storylines dominated this episode of The Vampire Diaries:

FIRST, Tyler called Bill Forbes to help him break the sire bond. The only way, according to Caroline's dad? Continue to turn on your own until it is pain free, thereby removing your subconscious gratitude to Klaus for ensuring you never NEED to experience that pain again. Tyler succeeded at this once, but he has a long way to go.

SECOND, Alaric learned Dr. Fell's secret, after Damon accused her of killing her ex-boyfriend and she responded by knocking him out with vervain and taking his blood. Turns out, she uses it to save patients who would otherwise die. Alaric responded to this by letting Dr. Fell in on all his secrets, including the supernatural ring. They kissed.

THIRD, Bonnie visited her mom for the first time in 15 years because she thought she could help her open the locked casket. But her powers were taken away after she left Mystic Falls long ago, following the entrapment of a vampire who came to town: Michael. She locked him in that tomb and escaped and enjoyed her new life.

But Klaus got a hybrid out to Abby Bennett's farm house, also and he compelled Jaime, a boy Abby took in many years ago... it was a long, complicated plan, but in the end, Klaus learned the location of the coffins. Fortunately, Damon got the locked one out in time and also undaggered one of Klaus' relatives: Elijah. He ended the episode by showing back up and killing a hybrid in front of Klaus.

Oh, and Elena told Stefan she and Damon kissed.

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David and sabrina 2014

It was strange to know about Bonnie's mother but as long as she helpful,then she can be part in the show. ;|


stefan nd damon....hu do u thnk deserves elena more?


does anyone know the melody that is in the background when elena tells stefan about the kiss?? :D


Ahhh I've Been wishin For Elijah Ever SINCE..Things are about To get interesting......


i love stefan 'n' damon but i want jeremy back he was so awesome


come on already with the supressing the feelings that Elena has. Who cares who the naked crap is with, he loves Elena soooooooooo
Elena should get jelous, grab Damon, and valla!! For new excitement on the show {HOW ABOUT THE DEVIL-AKA KLAUS! FALLS IN LOVE WITH CAROLINE}


Dis is in ma perspective de most mind capturing series after 24 don't yall agree.damon is de best


I am pretty sure that Jeremy somehow will save Bonnie - heroic appearance ? Hell Yeah!


I love Jeremy. Please make him come back! Please please please please!


Why did Jeremy have to leave? Surely they could find something for this handsome talented kid to do? What about a side kick for Stefan or Claus?
Give him something to do and watch him go...he is very good as young as he is. Hopefully the fans will get together and send a message that we want him back!

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Damon: What's her damage?
Alarc: No damage.
Damon: Come on, Ric. It's a fact of life. A girl that smart, that hot? Damaged.

Bonnie: What's going on with you two?
Damon: We kissed. Now it's weird.