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The Vampire Diaries focused on two storylines this week.

In the first, Caroline's father kept her prisoner and tried to train her to associate pain with blood. He said it was for her own good. But eventually Tyler and Caroline's mom came to her rescue, with this plot concluding with Caroline crying into Tyler's arms.

Then, there was the big stuff:

- We flashback to 1920s Chicago often because that's when Stefan was at his Ripper-est. We learn he and Klaus were actually good friends and Stefan was dating Klaus' sister, Rebecca. So, what happened? The police - with wooden bullets! - came to the club one night and Klaus left with Rebecca in a hurry because "he" was coming. He glamoured Stefan to forget about them and told Rebecca later on she had to choose between Klaus and Stefan.

She chose Stefan and Klaus killed her.

- But he woke her back up in real time because a witch in Chicago said she needed Rebecca's help to contact the original witch and figure out what happened with the hybrid transformation error. One problem, said Rebecca (who was also reunited with Stefan, who Klaus UNglamoured and who remembered the entire past): the answer lay with her necklace... which Stefan picked up back in the day and which Elena now wears.

- Stefan also came face to face with Elena in present time and told her to leave. Klaus cannot know she's alive and that is why his hybrid process didn't work.

- And finally we learned that Katherine is hanging out in Chicago these days.

Episode Number:
David and sabrina 2014

Some episodes may involve flashbacks but some can go pretty crazy to bring them to the present but we'll see how things go as each episode passes. ;P


God Stefan why do you half to be soooooo hot.


Interesting stuff:
klaus plus stefan friendship, rebecca plus stefan love
Stefan dumped elena
Caroline safe.
Klaus left damon alive.
There is new mystery about new villain.
Boring stuff:
Whiny elena


daaaaaaayyuuuuummmm stefan! he was one sexy badass vamp back in the day! kinda like a vampire in the present da (yes im talkin bout damon!) also i can soooo see the delena thing happening now that stefan made it crystal clear he duznt want to be wth elena (rite to her face he said it!) and i liked the whole rescue thing tht went on with caroline and her mom and tyler, i like tht her mom is now team vampire! carolines dad seems like a total dick, and i wonder how stefan plans on getting the necklace back from elena since hes tossed her out of his life, and i wonder if rebecca's a good vampire? and who is this mystery witch? sooo many good questions with no answers! im now a delena shipper and a forwood shipper, 2 fav relationships in the show! i hope i get my questions answered next week! TEAM DELENA FTW!!


I love this episode since it focus more on Stefan and Klaus because they were the shockers because everything else was predictable. Klaus and Stefan was actually friends and Stefan was going to go out with Rebecca.


This aired on September 29th not october 6th!!!


it actually airs this week not next


OMG!Stefan u'r so goddamn hot and sexy.i love flashbacks.Keep it up ripper.


wow it is amazing movies on the world

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

You know you were dreaming about me.

Damon [to Elena]

Bringing back memories of the good old Ripper days?