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The vampire diaries
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A lot went down on The Vampire Diaries this week. Let's get right to it...

- After initially refusing Klaus' order to bite Caroline, Tyler couldn't help it and put his ex's life at risk. But Klaus came over later, gave a passionate speech and fed Caroline his blood to save her. He even left her a birthday present.

- Stefan came very close to driving Elena off a bridge and turning her into a vampire, so Klaus could stop using her as a blood bank, but Klaus backed down and agreed at the last moment to remove his hybrids from town.

- Jeremy left for Colorado.

- Dr. Fell got closer to Alaric as a Founder's fundraiser. The latter caught the former arguing with her ex, a medical examiner named Brian. Dr. Fell said he's the one who covers for vampire attacks by writing "animal attacks" on the death certificate. Strangely, the episode ended with the sheriff calling Damon to a murder scene and showing him a murder Brian.

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David and sabrina 2014

The majority of the time throughout this episode had some pretty depressing parts but I hope that things will set straight again. =|


Damon kissed Elena and she was shocked because now she's confused in whether she really does love stephan.. Delena!!!


Damon and Elena have more chemistry love them!!




I kinda want stef to know that Damon And Elena kissed so than he likes Elena again and makes it even more of like a love triange!


I love this movie, especially Stefan Salvatore


Why do I feel like Bonnie & Elena are just plain lying to each other in that "Our Town" clip!


OMG i love this show and im soo happy damon and elana finally kissed i mean like kissed kissed not like that whole death bed kiss (wich was still pretty good) but damon and elana have soo much ... Chemistry so did stefan and elan but damon deserves a chance with elana stefan has ruined everything please keep making vampire diaries im sure me and thousands of other people will watch it just gets better and better


steflena.. the kiss between damon and elena was definantly two sided, and as far as i can tell, if somebody slapped me, i think i could get the message that they are mad at me, i doubt their point would be i love you oh so much


I hate this show now with Stefan the bad guy, it makes no sense at all anymore. Stefan needs to come back to Elena as their love is sooooo great and what made this show. Season 3 sucks!

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Those hybrids. They're really bringing the neighborhood down.


Relax, brother. You want your hair to fall out?

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