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Prepare for some fancy duds to be donned on this episode of The Vampire Diaries, as the Originals threw a ball for the town. During the event, Esther confided in Elena that she wants to kill all of her children in order to make up for betraying nature.

Elena is to tell no one of this plan, which involves linking all of the Original vampires together. If one dies, they all die. Finn is also in on it and seems prepared to die.


- Rebekah felt rejected by Matt, and Damon by Elena, so they totally got it on to close the episode.

- There was no real movement on the serial killer front.

- Caroline turned down advances from Klaus, but did see a much softer side to him. The guy is a painter!

Episode Number:
David and sabrina 2014

This episode's dance was pretty but with Esther making Alaric all evil and badass. Things could mess up with him around. ;P


I was a little bit disappointed but the episode wasn't that bad.


DELENA IS WHAT I WANT! But what did we get a cruel comment to Damon that he clearly didn't deserve. The only way she can make this up is to do the deed! It's pass time. Stop teasing us. She can always get back to Stephan later. And Matt who are you to turn off a vamp beauty. She could pay your med bills. What does everybody else think?


Totally agree with Katarina :P


Caroline + Klaus
Elena + Damon
Katerina + Stephan
Tatia + Elijah There! Everyone gets a doppleganger and Klaus moves on to a blond beauty...At least for a while lol. Any thoughts guys????


I just loved t dat lan &Nina r datin' n real life...


I LOVE THIS SHOW BUT we all know that stefan will come back to elena so why they let damon suffer?!

Uncle jackass

Spoiler Alert: Well, it looks like since the promo is out early, it is clearly Mother-turn Original that was in the last coffin.


i lov dis elina's role playd by Nina Dobrey.....

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Anyone else feeling a little used right now?


Drive much?

Rebekah [to Elena]