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Where to even start in this recap? Let's hope I cover all that went down... because there was a lot!

- We quickly learn that Elena was taken a few hundred miles a way to an empty mansion. Her captors? Vampires named Trevor and Rose. Their reason for taking her? To negotiate their own freedom, as they've been running for 500 years from "the originals," mostly because Trevor helped Katherine escape back in the day. In order to be pardoned, they now want to offer up the blood of a doppleganger because it will break the sun and the moon curse.

Enter Elijah. He's been called by Rose in order to make the exchange of Elena for their freedom. Elijah agrees, but not before he beheads Trevor, tosses Elena vervain necklace aside and compels her to tell him that the moonstone is buried in the tomb with Katherine.

- At this, however, Damon and Stefan swoop in. They found Elena because Bonnie used a tracking spell. She also used her powers to send Elena a message, both acts that caused her nose to bleed and weakened her greatly. Jeremy was there when she passed out and these two bonded over how alone they feel.

But back to the mansion. The Salvatores double team Elijah and eventually stake him. They escape, happy that Elena is now safe, but also knowing that she's aware of her role in the vampire history and the curse and that they need to be on the same page in order to protect her. Stefan takes a big step in this direction by apologizing to Damon for turning him 145 years ago. He just wanted to be with his brother.

- This must have an effect on Damon, as he goes to Elena's, vervain necklace that he picked up in hand. Before he gives it to her, he tells her he loves her, but he doesn't deserve her. Stefan does. Damon kisses her on the forehead and, before giving her necklace back, compels her to forget what he just said. A very sweet, moving moment.

- Elsewhere, Caroline admits to Tyler that she's a vampire. But she says she's the only one and he cannot tell anyone else what they both are.

- This is how the episode ends: Rose stops by Stefan's house because Lexie told her he was "one of the good ones" a long time ago and she needs friendship. We then go back to the mansion, where Elijah removes the stake from his chest. Dude is totally alive still - and pissed.

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damon is so hot I hope he gets with elena , I can't wait for elans to be a vampire !!!!


Owwww what Damon said was the best he could have, but it feels wrong that she won't remember a thing...or maybe she will?
I want them together but I'd feel bad for Stefan.
I feel worse bout Damon, did u see his face when Elena came downstairs? he was so happy until he realized she was going running for Stefan not him...


Poor Damon! Y'know what Damon, forget Elena! Love ME! lol
When that tear fell down his cheek I felt so bad for him!
Elena is such a jerk to him!


@ChairXSerenateXLoveX i think she's referring to the situation when anna and this other guy kidnapped elena and bonnie because anna wanted to get her mother back and then stefan saved her.


@carmel: the situation you're referring to from last season was actually Stefan being kidnapped and tortured, and Damon, Elena and Alaric came to rescue him. So they're similar plot lines, but not the same. Just letting you know, not trying to sound obnoxious. :)


kristina who the hell is liz? ................


I LOVE Damon,and Jeremy!!! Elena is getting really boring,Bonnie's cool! I Like caroline,and Tyler too. will there be a season 3 ?


I love VP so much!! It's one of those rare shows that keeps getting better instead of worse. Although sometimes I'm a tad bit annoyed with Elena, she can act sort of ... damsel-in-distress-like, and she's quite boring, I mean, if someone asked you to describe her character what would you say? Does she even have hobbies? Yet every gorgeous guy/vampire seems to swoon at the sight of her. I find that strange.
I do really like Caroline, though. And I would love for her and Tyler to get together and a really passionate relationship and then Matt finds out, and there's going to be a fight and... Yeah, that would be great. And there should be a new love interest for Damon, since it's looking as if Bonnie's already taken, because then Elena could be jealous and finally realize that she has feelings for him too. Well, that's just what I think. I'm sure the writers won't dissapoint!


Why do some of you think Caroline will die??? I have yet read anything that suggest her character is going to be killed off. A lot of people talk about a romance with tyler and caroline. Caroline is a great character, I love her so hopefully she will be on the show for a very long time. She works well with the salvatore brothers and i see them all being friends and backing eachother up.. And you really can't predict what happens to the characters because of the book... the book is completely different, i mean, there is no jeremy at all in the books.. i would like to see liz and damon together lol..odd couple but they work well together.


Please dont kill caroline! She is one of my favorite characters!!!

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Rose: I know who you are. I said be quiet.
Elena: What do you want?
Rose [slap!]: I said be quiet.

That werewolf road leads straight to vampire boulevard!