The Vampire Diaries

Thursdays 8:00 PM on The CW
The vampire diaries
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What an amazing, action-packed episode! All these developments went down during it...

- Jeremy told Tyler that he knows about the Lockwood Curse. Meanwhile, Tyler eventually gave the moon stone to his uncle because he was just sick of the whole thing.

- We flashed back to a year ago and saw how Mason became a werewolf. In self-defense, he killed a drunk pal that attacked him for allegedly sleeping with his girlfriend.

- Mason was busy throughout the day at a town event. He told Sheriff Forbes that Stefan and Damon were vampires and he'd prove it to her. How so? By lacing lemonade with vervain and having a little girl give Damon a cup. When he showed a reaction, Forbes knew what was up. She and two deputies shot the brothers in the woods, where they had headed to take out Mason.

After Mason led the cops down to the remains of his ancestors' home, he was ordered to leave so they could execute the Salvatores. But Caroline heard what was going on and came to the rescue. She swooped in, killed the two deputies and changed her mother's world forever. When Damon came to, he shied away from killing the sheriff because the two of them were friends. Instead, he took her back to his basement and said he'd compel her to forget everything that happened - but, first, he had to wait for the vervain she had taken to leave her system. This meant an extended stay in his basement.

Sheriff Forbes said she didn't want to see Caroline against because she was dead to her. Caroline overheard her mother say this.

- Stefan realized that there was only one way he could defeat Katherine: by slowing getting used to human blood and learning how to control it because he needed to be stronger. Elena volunteered her own so they could do it as a couple.

- The final scene depicted Mason meeting up with Katherine in the woods (eek!). She asked him if he had the moon stone, as we went back to that scene a year ago and watched as Katherine came running to Mason soon after he killed his friend. She hugged him and had a gleam in her eye. She's been using him and planning this the entire time! When Mason said he had acquired the stone, these two made out.

Episode Number:
David and sabrina 2014

This episode was also another 3.5 rating from start to finish. It may have felt awful to see Stefan and Damon get hurt but real wrong to see Caroline's mother avoiding Caroline just because she's dead to her and already a vampire. It doesn't really mean being dead but Caroline wouldn't ever hurt her mother. It's really nice of Elena to help Stefan with the human blood problem so that way he would be strong enough to end Katherine cause I agree that she has got to go. No matter how the episodes go this show is always my #1 favorite. =)


i love the vampire diaries soooooo much its the best show ever


omg sad i herd stephan turns a bit nasty... >thats got to twist your undies< i have wierd dreams about whats going to happen on vampire diaries... So wait he does turn a bit nasty i guess its elenas fualt for giving him blood... dot dot dot BITCH!!! Now chicks dont know if they want to like him Team DAMON TEAM DAMON TEAM DAMON POST A COMENT SAYING TEAM DAMON IF YOU WISH YOU WERE ELNEA OR POST TEAM STEPHAN IF YOU WISH YOU WERE KATHRINE THEAM STEPHAN! BAD AND BADER... I FEEL LIKE BLOOD...BLOOD...BLOOD...BLOOD...BLOOD...BLOOD...BLOOD...BLOOD.BLOOD...BLOOD...BLOOD...BLOOD....BLOOD...BLOOD....BLOOD!!! TEAM STEPHAN I LOVE KATHRINE GO KATHRINE!




Last nites show was awesome!! But then they all are. The vampire movies that are now all the rage (we all know which I speak of) pale in comparison to this TV series.


Dear Mae If you saw all of that coming, why do you even bother watching the you can sit there saying I saw that coming just to make yourself feel all the more smarter than you actually are. Why watch TV then. Just let go and be entertained.


Dear Mae
If you saw all of that coming, why do you even bother watching the you can sit there saying I saw that coming just to make yourself feel all the more smarter than you actually are. Why watch TV then???? Just let go and be entertained.


That was an amazing episode!! WOW

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

I hate fighting with you, even when it's fake.


Damon: I don't want peace.
Stefan: Consider it opposite day.