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This episode was all about Vicki.

The new vampire craved blood, but Stefan tried to teach her how to control her cravings and feast only on animals. Damon, of course, was willing to show Vicki some new tricks, which included how to move quicky. This backfired, though, when she darted away from her brothers.

Vicki ended up home with Matt, resisting the urge to drink his blood. She texted Jeremy and said she wanted to meet him at the school's Halloween party. She showed up, aptly dressed as a vampire.

Damon, meanwhile, was eavesdropping on a conversation at the bar. He overheard the Strattons talking about vampires and vervane and swopped in to flirt with Mrs. Stratton after her husband left. Damon gleaned some information from her and learned that the Founder's Counsel is definitely aware that vampires have returned to town. The most interesting part of this conversation?

Damon was unable to glamor Mrs. Stratton, despite his best efforts.

Also, in the most boring storyline from the episode, Bonnie learned more about her witch heritage from her grandmother. The necklace Damon had given to Caroline, for example, had belonged to Bonnie's great, great grandmother.

Back to the party: as Vicki made out with Jeremy, she cut his lip and started to slurp his blood. When Elena tried to intervene, Vicki was on the verge of gouging her neck WHEN STEFAN CAME IN AND DROVE A WOODEN STAKE THROUGH VICKI'S HEART! RIP, Vicks.

Jeremy, of course, was a mess from what he witnessed. Elena told Stefan to make him forget, but Stefan wasn't sure if he could, due to his lack of power. Damon - perhaps feeling guilty from an earlier conversation with Elena, as the pair stood over Vicki's body - offered his services. He hypnotized Jeremy to believe that Vicki simply ran away.

At the end of the hour, Elena said she wished she could forget everything, but that wasn't possible now. Her feelings for Stefan meant too much to her.

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David and sabrina 2014

this episode was good with some ways being so wrong or retarded. Since Vicki became a vampire in this episode, she gets all pissed off at Elena that she bites her with rage and can't seem to listen to Stefan on how to control her hunger. Damon is to blame for this catastrophe and I sometimes think that Damon should get lost or grow up with his vampire life. The party was cool though and that's what makes this episode fine from start to finish.;)


The song is "To Lose My Life" by White Lies


i think stefan uis so hot and damon is just a bad boy. elena u should listen to ur heart we all know u really love stefan so don't let him being a vampire discourage u because in the end love conquers all.


OMG! That was the best episode how hot was Stefan omg. Im kinda happy Vicki died because she intimidatted meby being a vampire i was always so nervous that she was going to attack Jeremy.Anyhoo that was sooo intense!!!!!!!!!Especially the heat between Stefen and Elena and Dameon is starting to show some emotion!!!!!!


what is the song played in the commercial for episode 7 "haunted" i must know!!


ok like wtf on this website they say that october 22nd was the date of the next episode "haunted" and i watched vampire diaries last night and it was "night of the comet" episode 2!!!!! seriously the people in charge of putting on the episodes of vampire diaries better get their episodes in order - dude i waited a whole week just to see an episode i already seen? no way that does not work for me, next week better be fixed or i'll be really mad so ya...FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wonder if damon will get his necklace back from bonnie. Looks like this episode is going to be interesting.


Why is Katherine dead?

The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

We choose our own path. Our values and our actions, they define who we are.


Is it skunk? Saint Bernard? Bambi?


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