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With the tomb vampires set to descend on Mystic Falls during the Founder's Day celebration, John knocks out the sheriff and sets off the Gilbert device. Through a high-pitched sound, only heard by vampires, it will render these creatures immobile, so officers can swoop in and inject them with vervain.

This is what goes down, as the plan takes place during a fireworks display. Damon is verained and taken away, along with a few tomb vampires - and Mayor Lockwood, who falls to the ground after the device goes off. Tyler was also driving during this time, with Matt and Caroline in the backseat. He's affected by the device and crashes. Caroline is taken to the hospital with internal bleeding, while Tyler's eyes go all werewolf-like when paramedics check on him. Guess werewolves are also affected by this device, which explains the Mayor's situation:

He's in the basement with other vampires, including Damon. Before John sets the building on fire, he stakes Anna. She's dead. Damon witnesses this. He also watches as another vampire kills the mayor. How will he get out? By Stefan running to the building. He was dragged to safety by Alaric, but can't get in to the basement because of the fire. Fortunately, Bonnie arrives and uses her power to put it out. Stefan takes Damon to safety, while the other vampires perish.

But all is FAR from good. Jeremy is at home, depressed over Anna's death. Damon shows up and says he actually felt badly for Anna when she died, as his humanity is showing through. After turning down Damon's request to erase his memory, Jeremy asks him if it's easier to be a vampire because they feel nothing. Damon said it used be. Soon after he leaves, Jeremy drinks the blood Anna had given him - when she wanted him to turn - and takes a lot of pills. When the episode ends, we're left wondering if this worked.

MEANWHILE, Elena comforts Stefan about her feelings for him. She says she loves him. Cut to the Gilbert house, where Damon has just left and meets Elena outside. He thanks her for caring about him because, hey, that's the reason Bonnie (who we also see tell Stefan that she'll take Damon down if another drop of blood is spilled. She now knows her power and means BUSINESS!) helped save him: for Elena. Damon leans in to kiss Elena and she goes with it. Eeek!

Jenna catches them in the act and tells Elena to come inside. She does so. She walks into the kitchen and John is there. He tries to explain to her what happened between him and Isobel, because Elena knows he's her father (Stefan told her earlier). Elena listens, and then grabs a knife, chops off his ring/finger and thrusts it into his chest. IT's KATHERINE!!!

Cut back to the front door, where the real Elena walks into her house. She hears something in the kitchen and goes to check on the noise, as we fade to black...

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David and sabrina 2014

I thought this episode was very good. The Founder's Day parade was awesome but not to see wild shocking events coming down for the Salvatore brothers. Luckilly they were saved except for poor Jeremy losing Anna. It felt wrong to see Katherine come back cause everyone thought she was dead but strange to have her kiss Damon. This last episode of the season sure was shocking, good, and strange but I loved the first season. XD =)


i love this tv show it is the best tv show eva and steffan and elena are soul mates so please i hope they dont break up if they break up again i will probably stop watching the tv show cause it will jsut not be right ad damon and katherine are soulmates not damon and elena she has to be wiht steffan!!!!!!!!!!!


I think Damon and her brother like Elena because she looks like katherine


i can't believe damon didn't kiss elena i wanted that to happen so much is it semptember yet!! ugh!


OHHHHH wait i just thought of an epic season finale cliffhanger for next season... Last image we get of the season: Probably all of the people in a room together(katherine's dead body and Jeremy and all the other people who know about the vampires) and then a door opens and we see Anna walk in alive... long shot, probably not going to happen, but still... really hope it does.


i'm confused a bit... Katherine has no heartbeat; don't you think Damon would have noticed that he couldn't hear any heart pounding? And wouldn't Damon notice that Katherine wasn't wearing the same clothing as Elena was? He's a Vampire... I mean, I'm human, for crying out loud, and even i notice when somebody's changed clothes... Oh, and here's my prediction on how season two is going to open... We're going to see elena walk into a kitchen to find John lying there, dying with a knife wound. She going to run over to him and he'll mutter 'Katherine' before he dies, and she will freak. she'll phone stefan who will phone damon who will put two and two together and realized he kissed katherine and not elena, and then the brothers will freak out because Katherine's been invited in... she has to die for Elena to be safe. and i haven't figured out anything else...... teehee


i love the idea of Elana getting with Damon, but also want to know if she gets with Stefan will Damon go on a wild frenzy, because he believes he kissed her,but anyway i think i know what is going to happen,stefean soon will find out about kathrine but wont tell damon and this really confusing line of events happens when kathrine pretends to be elana and the salvatores try to find out what is happening...oh and one more thing...damon is so HOT!!!!!(no offence stefan but u bore me sometimes...)


i love this episode! hate Katherine! She ruins EVERYTHING!!!!!! Poor damon will be heartbroken once he finds out he kissed katherine and not elena. but hope he does. i want elena to finally fall in love with damon and then they start dating and have cute baby's and a lawnmower and live happily ever after!


Damon liked Elane so much and was use to having her around, he was glad to kiss her not thinking it it was Katherine as he didnt imagine in his wildest dreams the "bitch Katherine" will be back in town.
What does she want anywayz, she has not had enough of the Savalton brothers? as Isobel said, Elane is doomed witht he two brothers on each her arms.
Am glad Jonathan was killed... I kinda dont want Jeremy to become a Vampire so i hope the pills dont work.. Lol
Damon is getting his humanity back, i hope the argue to be with Elena alone will not drive him to kill Stepfan.
The two brothers had better figure out a way of taking Katherine down.
I really feel so sorry for Elena... she's gonna have a lot of misunderstanding from the brohters to deal with and Jeremy.


OMG! I was so excited to see damon and elena kiss but then... it turned out to be katherine! Oh well, at least it's the same actress lol.

The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Elena: What can I do?
Jeremy: You can go to Hell, Elena.

Elena : I think you should stop with the flirty little comments and the eye thing you do.
Damon: What eye thing?
Elena: Don't make me regret being your friend.