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omg i cant wait for the new episode there seems like a lot of new drama, my theory on jeremy is that his memory about vicki (as a vampire) will come back as he researches more about vampires and he will remember anna at the dance when her eyes went all weird, he will add those memories together and find out that there really are vampires in mystic falls, elena will eventually learn who her mom is and that her mom has a connection to the history teacher, damon is in a depression state after the heart breaking news about katharine, there will be a funeral for bonnie's grams, and i honestly dont know whats up with stefan - havent heard much details on him, jenna will become closer to alaric as seen in some of the pics on this any theories or predictions v.d fans? feel free to share them i would like to get more of an idea of whats in store for this episode so get typing!!! :)

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