United States of Tara Season 3

"The Good Parts"

Goodbye Bryce, hello Boston? Tara makes major progress on this series finale, while her family also ends things in a happy place.

Marshall moves out this week, while Max deals with Bryce. Kate also adjusts to life in St. Louis with Evan and his son.

Marshall loses someone close to him this week. A funeral results, followed by the family meeting Bryce.

"Bryce Will Play"

Bryce really made his/her presence felt this week. Much to the dangerous chagrin of Dr. Hatteras.

"Chicken 'n' Corn"

Welcome, Bryce! Sort of! United States of Tara fans kind of got their first glimpse at Bryce Crane this week.

"The Electrifying & Magnanimous Return of Beaverlamp"

Beaverlamp performed this week! But the latest United States of Tara episode concluded with a chilling scene.

"The Road to Hell Is Paved with Breast Intentions"

Tara kicks off her sessions with Dr. Hatteras this week, while Kate gets rebuffed by a man. Marshall also starts to plan a movie about his family.

"Dr. Hatteras' Miracle Elixir"

Dr. Hatteras makes Tara an offer she can't refuse this week. Elsewhere, Kate proves to be a solid flight attendant trainee.

Welcome to the world, Cassandra! Charmaine gives birth this week, while Tara has a major, upsetting breakthrough.

"The Full Fuck You Finger"

Kate ran into problems with her trip to Japan this week, while Charmaine ran into problems with T. Her water then broke.


Tara gets embarrassed in class this week, while Max has bad news for Neil. It impacts their friendship.


School was back in session for Tara on the premiere of season three. She went back to school, despite the reservations of Max - and with the help of her alters.

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