United States of Tara Season 2

"From This Day Forward"

The second season of United States of Tara comes to an end this week. "From This Day Forward" takes place during Charmaine and Nick's wedding day.

"To Have And To Hold"

Kate tries to change herself for a man this week. Elsewhere on the episode "To Have And To Hold," Tara and Charmaine make an important visit to a woman.

In "Open House", Tara and Charmaine go over Tara's childhood memories with their mother, while Max has an open house next door.

"The Family Portrait"

In "The Family Portrait", Tara tries to reconnect with her husband and kids this week via a family portrait. Meanwhile, Max tries to separate himself from Pammy.

"Explosive Diorama"

In "Explosive Diorama", Tara and Lynda make preparations for their art show on this episode. Elsewhere, Charmaine has difficulty balancing the two men in her life.

"Dept. Of F'd Up Family Services"

In "Dept. Of F'd Up Family Services", there's an upcoming visit from a social worker this week on United States of Tara. This has its effect on Max. Meanwhile, Neil learns that he's gonna be a father. Read our full recap below!

A tornado comes to town this week. As a result. Tara's alters come out.

In "Doin' Time", Tara makes an astonishing discovery that she can actually have a conversation with her new alter Shoshana. Max gets hauled off to jail. Read our full recap to find out what happened!

"You Becoming You"

In "You Becoming You", Tara tries to find a new therapist while Max has a hard time coping with Buck's affair. Tara and Max learn of Kate's friendship with Lynda. Meanwhile, Charmaine has some surprising news. Read our recap to find out what happened!

"The Truth Hurts"

"The Truth Hurts", Tara's family learns that the alters have returned. Read our recap to find out what happened!

"Trouble Junction"

In "Trouble Junction", Tara keeps her family in the dark about her condition and Charmaine wants to move. Read our full recap to find out what happened!

In "Yes", a neighbor of Tara commits suicide, and leaves the responsibility for the house with the Gregsons. Read our full recap to find out what happened.

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